The head priest is leaving town for a week. Calls the apprentice in his office to give him instructions, like things to do while he is gone. The apprentice priest is quite nervous. Look, the master says, just do as i say and everything will be fine, i'll be back before you know it. yeah but, what about confession? says the apprentice, i woudn't know what punishment to give for a given sin! Tell you what, replies the master. I will make a list of common sins and put a corresponding punishment to give to the sinner. I'll leave the list in the confession boot.

So the head priest leaves. Everything is going according to plan. Comes confession time.
Someone would sit in the boot, admit to having sin, the young apprentice would look up the list and give the appropriate punishment to the sinner. "recite 5 rosaries and read the entire book of Luke" for example. Then a young women sat down and said; " forgive me father for i have sinned!" "What is your sin my young girl?". Oh father! I gave a married man a blow job yesterday!" So the young apprentice is looking up the list. Darn, nothing about "Blow jobs"! The master must of forgot about this one! So he tells the young girl to wait a sec, he opens the boot door and sees a young choir boy walking by. He says "tell me young man, what does the head priest gives for a blow job?"
"usualy, he gives me a bag of chips and a Coke".