How long did you ride before taking your bike on a track?
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Thread: How long did you ride before taking your bike on a track?

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    How long did you ride before taking your bike on a track?

    hey just wondering how long did u ride or how many kms before you went to an open track day, i hear that anyone is welcome to come and practice your skills but do they divide it up into groups of skill level? How much track time do you get if your there all day?

    I just bought my first bike this week, a 1990 yamaha fzr 600 and in just a few days of riding i have been improving alot and want to go on a track within a month.
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    Read the thread in the racing section, Pitt Meadows Track Days.

    There's no set number of km's or time, its really up the individual.

    I have seen some very new riders at Pitt Meadows, and yes, they have specific groups
    set up to cater to the individual's skill levels. It's not a race, and very un-intimidating, great fun.
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    You can go at any skill level as long as you are willing to learn, Nancy & Randy at the Pitt Meadows track days are very supportive and the fast guys that attend are always helpful.

    I went to my first track day after about 2 months, probably something like 5000km under my belt. It was the best thing decision I could have made. I learned more in one half-day session than I could learn in 50,000km on the street.

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    I went to my first after a few months of riding. It's fun and you will learn a lot; although, I have learned a lot more riding with motard guys; more urgency, more risk, more push, more fun, more dirt.

    But, Nancy's track days are a great value and very worthwhile.
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    I did my first track day after 41 years riding and countless miles. That was way too much wasted oportunity
    It will undoubtedly be of benefit to you - you can't start too soon.
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    I don't think there is any correllation between time or distance riding on the street and track riding a sport motorcycle.

    Look at it this way.

    The best motorcycle racers in the world were very accomplished road racers before they are even of the age to hold a valid
    drivers license to operate a bike on the street.

    You can learn all the techniques to go fast on a track at a very young age.
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    I went after only putting on less than 1,000 KM. You'll be glad you went!!!

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    Didn't do a track day, but I took the ART course after only about 3500 km (1 season, 2500 km on Ninja 250, 1000 km on SV650). Did learn some technique, but I definitely would have gotten a lot more out of the course if I was more confident on my new bike.
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