Covering great backroads of WA and especially OR before reaching CA. The way weather's looking, we'll head to the coast in CA. I've made plan so far till Mon. next week, then it's open after.

Sat., 7/9: Leaving early, taking I-5 most of time.
Plan A: If miracle happens, we'll keep going south, crossing east of Mt. St. Helens all the way to Columbia Gorge.
Plan B: Continue I-5 till Olympia, then start taking tons of backroads.

I've bought a room in Vancouver, WA for first 2 nights.

Sun., 7/10: There are a few options, I'll throw a tour (riding, of course) near Portland. Beer's so good, we may spend more time tasting upon request.

Mon., 7/11: Head south by a few options depends on weather. Hope McKenzie Pass will be open by then?