Any Websites for paid surveys
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Thread: Any Websites for paid surveys

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    Any Websites for paid surveys

    Ive heard people talking about doing lengthy surveys online and getting paid to do them. Anyone know any good legit sites for this?

    Also, there are other sites ive heard of that you click away for hours and get paid to do soo. I have a lot of downtime and work and would like to make some extra change on the site

    Any help or links would be helpful

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    Try Consumer Research Panel. It's one of those focus group things.

    I did a whole bunch of them, like about 10 of them so far, each paying around 40 to 80 bucks each. All over a course of several years.

    Lately they are getting very sneaky now. They make you do a preqaulifying "interview" or survey and then after completing it, they tell you that you don't qualify for their target group for the survey, yet, they got the information from you anyways, without having to pay you.

    That happened to me the last 5 or so times, I just sent their emails to my junk folder now and don't bother with them anymore.

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