We are closing in on our second ART course of 2011. The classroom for this takes place on the evening of Tuesday, July 19th, at Holeshot Motorsports, and the riding portion takes place on Saturday, July 23rd, at Abbotsford Tradex.
This course applies to all types of bikes including Cruisers, Touring bikes, Sport Touring, Dual Purpose and Sportbikes and is recommended for any rider beyond the very new beginner.
We have had riders attend with experience levels varying from 2 months to 40 years and find the course to be very valuable to those who have been off of their bikes for a few years.
We are running this course in association with our good friends from Pacific Riding School.

Although our course is taught in a large parking lot we do not teach parking lot skills. We will not teach you how to make an 8 foot radius turn or any parade drill skills. That stuff just isn't our thing.

What we will teach you are the skills that are going to help you when riding at regular speeds out in the real world. We will work on the skills that will help you slow your bike down as quickly and safely as possible. We will show you how to get your bike turned quickly and precisely, while providing yourself with as much traction as possible and not dragging parts of your motorcycle on the pavement. We will work on the skills you may need if you ever find yourself entering a turn with more speed than you are comfortable with.
The ART course is designed to make you a more confident and safer rider. Using our 10 years of experience in teaching advanced techniques we will increase your comfort zone and decrease your panic zone.

Course Overview:
Advanced cornering techniques
Advanced braking techniques
Body & peg positioning
Corner acceleration techniques
Bike set up

Instruction by professional riders
3 hours of classroom instruction
Full-day of riding instruction at Abbotsford Tradex
Video analysis of your riding, featuring helmet cam
Hands on instruction with small student groups
Lunch & refreshments
Minimal bike preparation

Cost: $350.00 + HST

To register go here.

For any any additional info call Gio at 778-893-9170. You can also e-mail us at wcsschool@gmail.com.

Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash accepted.