Watch out for a 20 ssomething kid with a backpack east bound on 160th ramp
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Thread: Watch out for a 20 ssomething kid with a backpack east bound on 160th ramp

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    Watch out for a 20 ssomething kid with a backpack east bound on 160th ramp

    Just when I was loosing faith in the police I was following the traffic on my bike through the new on ramp at 160th ...there was a flashing sign showing your speed saying slow down..kid in front was speeding and talking on his cell phone...Flashing 78 in a 50 construction area..I slowed due to the gravel everywhere,,,Noticed a young guy on the side with a back pack, looked like he talked into the strap of his back pack...went around the corner and there were 4-5 cops and had the traffic stopped...and one cop stepped in front of the kid and directed him to the side...another car already parked, a high end type nice sedan had a car full of brown guys looking pissed...and the driver was pulling off his window tint...

    I didnt think window tint was an it on my truck. But glad they caught the kid on his phone...

    Earlier I had an old lady change into my lane while she was on a phone...

    Dono why??? no one in front of us and 3 lanes??? stupid cnt....

    Watch it out there...that was one of the best ambushes ever!!!!
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    No non oem tint on driver's and passenger's side windows. I got nabbed once. Drove on cold days with windows down till I took a blow dryer to it to peel it off. I don't think driver's with their sense of entitlements will ever be gone. Too many dick heads in cages. I won't tell the time I busted a few guys smoking a bong while driving. I don't care if one likes to get high, just don't do it while driving.

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    glad to see they're ticketing the right people.

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