Rocket ship to the sun?
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Thread: Rocket ship to the sun?

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    Rocket ship to the sun?

    This guy heard that these scientists were going to send a rocket ship to the sun. This bothered him as he realized that sending a rocket ship to the sun would be impossible because, of course, it would melt before it even got to the sun.
    He looked on the internet and discovered the laboratory where these learned scientist were working and went down to have a talk with them.
    He went into this futuristic building located near Cape Kennedy. He walked down this long hallway with many doors on his left and right. Finally, he came to a door that had a notice on it reading, "This is where the first rocket ship to the sun is being designed".
    He did the only natural thing at this point.
    He knocked.
    The door opened and there stood a man similar in appearance to Albert Einstein wearing a lab coat and glasses, with a white mustache who said "!Good evenink! Vat can Ve do forrr you?
    The guy told the scientist about how he had read the article about the scientists sending a rocket ship to the sun and how he thought this was ridiculous because the rocket ship would melt.
    The scientist responded, "Vy Yes! Ve know dat! Dat is Vy Ve are goink to go at night!
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    Booooo....Hisssssssss...... Ban Please..... I heard that joke in grade 2... around 1971 or so
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    oh dear.
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    That scientist was Alberts brother, Frank and he should stick to electrics.
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    wow! great joke

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