Baker pulls through again!
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Thread: Baker pulls through again!

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    Baker pulls through again!

    After all this talk (and my missing the rides) about the "Cascades this" and the "Duffey that" ... I said "fak it" and jumped on my bike for a rip up Baker this afternoon, weather forecasters-be-damned ...

    And man were the weather gods with me all the way!! Road was 85% dry, with just a few kms of prior-shower-sprinkled dampness but fabulous conditions for the better part, and from the base of the mntn (works yard) the road was bone-dry all the way up to the top. It was so good I sessioned that part a couple times, and then enjoyed a superb run back into the ever-breaking cloud cover revealing more and more sun as I came toward the valley.

    Not more than four cars throughout the whole route.

    And I observed the posted speed limits all the way there and back

    On my way toward Abby at the beginning of the ride, the skies above the Baker foothills were BLACK/BLACK/BLACK ... but I've learned that ya just never know when you're in the mntns, so I pushed on to see what I could see ... fully expecting rain (at which point I woulda turned around). It just goes to show, sometimes ya just gotta take that chance ...
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