has anyone ever flown standby?
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Thread: has anyone ever flown standby?

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    has anyone ever flown standby?

    Hi all, Has anyone ever flown stand by before? I have a family member that is ill and might have to make the mad dash back east at any moment. I have looked at next day flights online and most are way over the top in pricing. Has anyone ever just walked up to the counter and bought a ticket? Is it much cheaper?

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    Give em a call....Stand by is if they sell out the plane then someone cant make it...or the plane isnt full and there are seats still available...it varies depending on where you go...My friends used to do it all the time when they worked for Canadian....Paris for a weekend, Fiji, ect. But in some cases they might get stranded if the plane fills...but they all had a real good idea if the flights fill depending on seasons...
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    I've done it a couple of times. (it helps that my friend who works for AirCanada was also with me on most of these trips)
    Fairly straight forward - most of the time.
    ...Though there was the one time when they printed us out the tickets, then had to revoke them a few minutes later as it looked like the plane was gonna be 'too heavy'.
    That sucked, sitting there thinking the trip and all our plans surrounding it were now cancelled. So stand-by can be a bit 'iffy' under certain circumstances.
    Luckily, in that case, there was a large international field-trip of schoolchildren on the plane, and when all was said and done, they managed to re-issue us our tickets (bumped to 1st class no less!) and it all worked out in the end.
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    my dad was a pilot for air canada for over 30 years and we have the option of paying a small fee for a ticket or flying for free by stand-by, flying stand by is basically flying by luck. But as in our case if you have a family member that works for the airline, you can check flights previous to the date and see how full it is. If you just walk up to the counter, they can tell you how many people are flying stand by and what your chances are per flight.
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    i've done it many times. it rocks. be prepared that you could get bumped and have to extend your trip

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    So, I'm also curious about this.

    For those of you who have flown standby (without a family member who works for an airline) - is it cheaper to buy a ticket at the last minute?
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    Also check to see if the airline can help you with an illness in the family. I'm pretty sure some families I have worked with reported that the airlines were very helpful getting on the less full flights.
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    To the OP, do check with the airline, they do offer tickets at a discounted rate for illness or family emergency's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Squire View Post
    So, I'm also curious about this.

    For those of you who have flown standby (without a family member who works for an airline) - is it cheaper to buy a ticket at the last minute?
    They 2 times i've flown standby, once to calgary and once to LA, both times were at the lowest available rate they had, which was the same as the last minute ticket price. So it's not a great deal, but if your flying standby, your stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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    First of all hope your family is ok. I fly all the time and way too much, regular and Standby. In fact i'm in another bloody airport right now. Standby, by yourself is easy but it's no cheaper and you could wait a few flights. With Air Canada they no longer have the "family illness" or "bereavement" prices as I found out when my mom passed away. I got a letter from AC saying our prices are as low as they can go. Then I spoke to a supervisor and told them to check all the Aeroplan miles I have and that obviously my loyalty to them meant nothing. A month later they sent me a "sorry, here's your 20% off your next flight good for a year code". I don't know what West Jet does. Delta and Cathay Pacific also allow standbys and changes at the last minute.

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    When my mom was dying I paid the fare for a 2300 hour flight which wasn't cheaper BUT when I arrived at the check in at 1200 noon to wait for standby, I explained my situation and they got me on an early flight and also upgraded me to 1st class with no extra charge. I think it depends on who you get at the counter....

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