Hello ladies,

I am selling my (almost brand-new) Alpinestar Stella SP-2 gloves size M. Long story short: I got my license 2 months ago and bought these fantastic gloves for 130 bucks. I had the feeling that they are a little too small for me, but my friend told me that the leather will get softer and they will fit perfectly. Anyways...I wore these gloves 12 times now (always shorter rides under 60km) and the leather is softer now, but the gloves still don't fit and make my hands go numb. I am very sad that I have to sell them, because they are new, clean, no scratches...as if they were brand-new (even better, because the leather is a little softer now).

The best price you can find in Vancouver for these gloves is 116.35 before taxes...I am firm with the price. 100,- and these amazing gloves are yours.
I am not using them anymore...bought new gloves today.