Sport Bike Rack: Rice Rocket Vs Fabbed
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Thread: Sport Bike Rack: Rice Rocket Vs Fabbed

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    Sport Bike Rack: Rice Rocket Vs Fabbed

    Couple of people have asked about my rack, so some
    explanation, and some pics !

    This is the Rice Rocket Rack I bought:

    Top View

    Bottom View

    Side View

    Goes on/off with the key using the rear seat/cowl
    lock mechanism. Works great for light loads, and
    goes on/off in seconds.

    The tab that engages in the lock mechanism does
    wear a bit where it hits the lock, but otherwise
    works very well.

    Just a bit light for heavier loads, or rougher roads.

    This is the heavy duty one I fabbed to handle
    the touring load

    Top View

    Bottom View

    Side View

    Used 1/4" alum plate, cut paper pattern of underseat area,
    and used the two sub-frame mounts in green circles, with
    allen head should bolts, as mounts. Keep a wrench in my
    tank bag, and takes less than 30 seconds to take on/off.

    Only tricky bit was the bent tab (see side view) that is
    crucial to fitting into the sub-frame. Took a bit of TLC,
    but used alum flatbar, and a little trial and error to get
    it snug, then had the welder tack it all up

    The 1" alum square tubing spaces the rack high enough to
    sit above my tail piece.

    Then had a fab shop make up a "pizza carrier" that fits
    overhead carry on travel luggage, and that works great
    for longer trips.

    The plate was 10 or 12 gauge, had them punch the tie
    down slots, and weld the corners, then drilled the 1/4"
    plate, the 1" bars, and the 10 gauge top plate, so they
    all are connected by the stainless plow bolts.

    On the Bike

    The HD version works excellent, is a little more streamlined
    than the original, and is extremely solid.

    Handles all I need for trips, though I do travel light.
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    This would be perfect for the bikes we have. Nicely done!

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    I always thought you had a nice rack, but now I'm 100% convinced.
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    I'd buy that

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    Nice rack and even nicer bike. That Rizoma crankcase cover is dope and is that Ohlins gold I see

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    Well done, I'm thinking of making something that folded out for the wider stuff but yours looks quite strong.
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    There's a solid market for that as a retail product, Stuart - you should patent it ...

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