A Q re: the inner workings of an exhaust
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Thread: A Q re: the inner workings of an exhaust

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    A Q re: the inner workings of an exhaust

    So I'm about to embark on my first custom project - on my scoot. I figured I would start small, then work up to my bike bike.
    I understand the principles of an exhaust - thank you, google - but would love to know the difference internally between a pipe designed for a 125cc bike, vs. a 600cc one.
    Sizes of the resonance chamber, for instance. Just trying to get a handle on the theory, so when it comes time to put this bad boy together, I have an idea of the different routes I could take.
    Cheers, yo!

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    Here's exactly what you want

    Attachment 95354get a book called 4 stroke performance tuning by A Graham Bell ( not the telephone guy) this book explains all of this
    plus cam timing theories and a whole bunch of other stuff. this book is the bible and the secret for experienced engine tuners and builders. it can be got at wilkenson's book store at broadway and ontario in vancouver. this book is about $35 and worth every penny. most of the tuning mods that i made to my old gsxr(85) came from this book
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