Pulled over on Upper Levels today around 2:30?
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Thread: Pulled over on Upper Levels today around 2:30?

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    Pulled over on Upper Levels today around 2:30?

    Who was pulled over today with their yellow bike by that dang WVPD Charger on the Upper Levels HWY? I was too busy avoiding braking CARS on the opposite side to see exactly what was going on but I can only assume that an impound was imminent!? That cop loves to 'pound bike. Hahaha.

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    I was leaving canadain tire the other day and 4 bikes rode by in the parking lot. They waved and before i got the chance to nod back the last bike in the pack fell pinning the rider under him (most likely due to a failure of low speed maneuvering) and yes the color of the bike was YELLOW.

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    I rode by and saw the rcmp looking in the bushes. Who would speed on the upper levels there? That charger is always on the hunt. I saw him this morning as I headed N he had someone pulled over going E.

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