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    speaking of which ...

    a couple other threads promted me to recall that about ten or twelve days ago, a few young people were driving their cars on hwy 7 to go to Chilliwack Lake for a weekend thing, when a marked RCMP cruiser colided with the lead car of the lot near Mission, sending the driver and his passenger to the hospital with serious injuries (cop relatively unscathed).

    Even though the young driver had a number of vehicles following closely behind, the drivers of which were clear witnesses, the RCMP didn't "allow" any details to be released through the press because an "investigation was under way" ...

    Hmmmm ....

    Has anyone heard what the results of said 'investigation' turned out to be, as I'm quite curious as to why/how this head-on happened (ie: was it clearly one party's fualt, and if so - whose). It's kindof odd, that nothing was allowed to be published about the witness' recounts of the incident (in most accident cases, the witness recounts are published immediately, aren't they?).
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    Well, I heard that the driver passed away. The only thing that was mentioned was that it was the cruiser that crossed the line, however who knows how accurate that was.
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    The officer was enroute to back-up a fellow member and was assigned a "Code-3" call which is the highest level of response with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Police will not release any details about any ongoing investigation as Abbotsford Police are currently investigating, but cannot stop media without a publication ban. Problem in this situation is there is a lot of conflicting witness testimony, many were probably under the influence at the moment of impact while in the chase vehicles. Thus the media probably won't throw that portion in without getting some of the information straightened out.

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    wonder if he was on his cell/radio/laptop at the time.

    we'll never know as they'll never admit it (will through a HUGE wrench into their "highly trained drivers who can multitask" angle) if he was.
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