Ram waterproof aqua gps cradles, two different sizes, brand new
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Thread: Ram waterproof aqua gps cradles, two different sizes, brand new

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    Wink Ram waterproof aqua gps cradle, WIDE, brand new

    as the title says, i have one! RAM WATERPROOF AQUA GPS BOX cradle

    purchased TWO sizes... just realized the small one works rather well.
    so i've got the following for sale..

    face value, no tax, no shipping.. BRAND NEW!

    RAM Mount Plastic Waterproof Aqua Box GPS Cradle Wide - $38

    RAM HOLDER AQUA BOX, Medium/Wide

    Aqua Box 6 Internal Dimensions: Width=4", Height=6", Depth=1.75" inches

    Aqua Box 6 External Dimensions: Width=5.25", Height=6.5", Depth=2" inches

    1. A unique, patented all inclusive seal and Flex-Lens.
    2. Touch through lens to operate buttons.
    3. Power, earphone and accessory cables are routed through a patented, self draining baffledesign to keep moisture out.
    4. Fits any RAM Mounting System for use on Planes, Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs, Bikes, etc.
    5. Easily locks with any standard mini padlock.
    6. All marine grade construction including stainless steel hinge pin and mounting hardware.
    7. Flex-Lens may be replaced in seconds if scratched or damaged. (inexpensive)
    8. Lifetime Warranty on all components other than Flex-Lens.

    RAM Mount Plastic Aqua Box 2 Medium Unit Cradle - keepin' it.. made it work

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