Motorsports Cameras - Lost my GoPro in the Cascades last weekend, replace?
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Thread: Motorsports Cameras - Lost my GoPro in the Cascades last weekend, replace?

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    Motorsports Cameras - Lost my GoPro in the Cascades last weekend, replace?

    I had the GoPro HD for a year and loved it, my wife and I took tons of videos on all our trips, even took it to Mexico and used it snorkeling and sight seeing. Great little camera.

    Unfortunately this weekend at some point between Winthrop and Diablo Lake (I think where they have the gravel sections is my guess) it fell off. Didn't notice until we stopped at Diablo and I wasn't going to go back looking for it (needle in a haystack, probably bounced into a ditch somewhere, but if you find it, please PM me! )

    I was just going to pick up another one, since they are relatively inexpensive and tough camera (just maybe have a lanyard next time, the suction mount worked at ridiculously high speeds, I have no idea why it let go this time) but was interested in the ContourGPS as it logs distance, time, elevation, google maps. Interesting and might be fun. But it seemed like pretty pricey as you need to buy all the accessories extra, as GoPro comes with (waterproof case, etc).

    Does anyone have any experience with the ContourGPS or other options over GoPro? Preferably like to keep it $500 or less, and image quality and stability are key.

    I want to pick up one before we go to Mt. St. Helens this weekend and both are available here in Vancouver.

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    Interesting reviews there as well.
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    I've had a contour GPS for a little while now.

    Lots of neat features, i.e. the GPS functionality, better form factor, easier to use with gloves, and you can use your smart phone as a live viewfinder and to adjust settings on the fly (via bluetooth). Sound quality is a lot better than go pro (perhaps due to lack of case). It's a tough unit on its own and doesn't need a case unless you are going under water with it. The contour also comes with a little lanyard so you won't lose it I've seen too many lost go pro's first hand. You think looking for your go pro off the side of the road is bad? try looking in 4' of fresh pow on the side of a mountain lol

    Battery life is pretty miserable. You pretty much need 2 batteries, The picture / video quality not as good as go pro (as much as I hate to admit it), more expensive and you have to buy waterproof case separately

    There's also a newer model out, Contour+, which is supposed to have a better lense, HDMI out and some other bells and whistles

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    Most comparisons I have seen, be it video comparisons like above, direct head to head, have the silly GoPro looking the best, exposing most accurately and fast, between shaded and bright areas and generally having accurate colour.

    From a straight image quality standpoint, for the money, I think the GoPro is still top in it's class.

    It has some cons as well, but if you want simple, effective, high quality video for a decent price, don't think anyone beats it.
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    Tried out the contour+ and it's not worth the extra $$.
    The form factor looks cooler, but with the waterproof case, it's fairly long so can't fit it into as many places on the bike as the gopro.


    Mic Input (come on gopro!)
    App to view feed adjust mic gain and picture
    Buttons are nicer, but who's hittin the button that often?

    Video isn't as good as the gopro
    GPS only shows up when you post to the contour site, gps data is locked WTF
    App is 4 FPS per sec, iphone needs a extra dongle, android app is slower than the iOS app
    Battery life is terrible
    Extra Case is needed

    Gopro HD's are $200 shipped on a regular basis online, so you can have 2 and the lcdbac and extra ram mounts for the same price.
    Add a string to tether it next time

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