I have a seat I forgot to include when I sold my ZX6R, black rear-seat with the Ninja logo in it. Good seat, many a bum was comfortable on it. All female. :]
Anyway, it's free because I really don't care to waste 4 months trying to sell it for the $200+ I payed for it.
Hitch is that I'll only give it to someone with an 09+ ZX6 because I want to make sure it's going to someone who can use it and not swindle me for easy cash.

Good condition, didn't clip it in properly one day and it fell off at 50 down a hill. Retrieved it before it was run over. 1mm scratch showing a small amount of yellow cushion inside. It's on the "Front" of the seat and not the actual "Sitting component" so sitting on it wont make it bigger.

Anyway, reply if you're interested. I'm not taking pictures. It's a seat.