Windshield Wiper Fail - '92 Nissan Maxima
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Thread: Windshield Wiper Fail - '92 Nissan Maxima

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    Windshield Wiper Fail - '92 Nissan Maxima

    I don't have the manual and I couldn't find it online. Anyone know how to get in to check the linkage and probably replace it? I can hear something moving when i turn the wipers on but my guess is it isn't attached to the wipers themselves.
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    I'm not that familiar with early Nissan's, but I'd guess that if you lift the hood, you'll see that the wiper motor is bolted to the firewall with 3 or 4 bolts at the upper right corner (upper left looking from the front of the car) . Look for a component that has what looks like a pop can going sideways out of the main hub. You might try removing the bolts and pulling the motor slowly out of the mounting hole to see if the actuating arm has become disconnected. You can probably get at the rest of the wiper linkage from under the dash....very awkward but do-able.

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    Parts Diagram for the 1992 Nissan Maxima Front Wiper System

    Not sure if this will help, since it is not a service manual page, but it does give you an idea of what parts are there.

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