Wild FX a douche? Really?
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Thread: Wild FX a douche? Really?

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    Wild FX a douche? Really?

    Quote from the bartender "and you wonder why more people dont show up to the event . and yes, you're coming off as a douche. (you'll notice that my post about a SM going down was on a friday night, and possibly someone who was partaking in this event. "

    This is directed towards Wild FX.

    the bartender, sounding like a recent sportbike dropout, feels Wild FX is a douche. This same Wild FX who organizes motard rides, plans sophisticated routes, and seems to be the glue that holds these rides together and has been doing these for a number of years now.

    If you don't like motard riding, bartender, then don't come out to rides, or start your own motard group.
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    screw it, I'm leaving

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    You know there are some riders that rarely miss a ride out. And when one first posted up he was a bit harsh and trashin me and others on here .. But come Fri nite who shows up . BGM.. And becomes a great friend and even better rider for not running into me during one of the rides and choosing to toss his beloved machine on the tarmac..

    Name calling is for people who can only verbally articulate themselves in a manner becoming of a pubescent teenager. And if need be we also can drop to that level of communication as BGM displayed with his response to bartenders comment ..
    I will take the high road with wicked twisties on this one ....

    SEE YOU AT Joe's !

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    See you at Joes for some LFG!!

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    i've replied directly to him.

    never owned a sportbike. I'll probably be at the road course at Mission tomorrow all day though pitting for a friend though. So if you see a White SM, feel free to say hi.

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    hey do you ride a husky?
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