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    This is Awesome

    This is a Ted talk by the guy who created the Book of Awesome. He just decided one day to view the world a little differently after going through some stuff. It's long (17mins) but worth it, sit back and grab a coffee. Very inspirational.

    So on the ride to work today, it got me thinking about the little things that are awesome about riding motorcycles. Add your own:

    -When the construction flagger is attractive, and she gives you that extra smile and a wave

    - Priority loading on BC ferries on a Friday of a long weekend - unfortunately, the price is not awesome

    - A twisty empty road, on a warm summers day just after day break

    - Guy driving a mini van full of noisy kids looking over at you wistfully as you speed past.

    - Guy's wife in the mini-van looking at you wistfully as you speed past.

    - Finding the grove on a favorite road that makes you feel like Valentino Rossi
    BOOM de ya dah!

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    - No seat belt.

    - Guys think your a bad ass. Well you have to be a little intimidating looking to pull that off.

    - All your girl friends want a ride. ;-)

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    - The sound... ohhhh the sound.

    - Knowing, I'd be neck in neck with my 1982 GS1100e in a drag race against an Audi R8 V8

    - All the chicks in the office think I'm cool. (at least, in my head)

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