Van Aquarium - Bird exhibition
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Thread: Van Aquarium - Bird exhibition

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    Van Aquarium - Bird exhibition

    I was wondering if the bird of prey exhibition is worth the price and time to visit? I'm a huge nature geek, but the wife not so much, so I don't want to waste her time if it's not spectacular.

    Has anyone been?

    Is it worth (money and time) going to the aquarium again?

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    NO...! it about 35 or 40 bux to get in. i only saw some small birds around the 'amazon' portion of it. missy has a one year its free for her.

    don't go "just for the birds...!"

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    I was just there, $27.00 a head to get in...Little pricey...But since the last time to the recent visit lots has changed...No Killer Whale!!! just a few Belugas, some Porpoises, No Sharks!!! well the big ones or the Hammer head....IMO it got a little bit lamer...Fish were all ok...In the tropical side it was fun with birds and sloth and monkeys and butterflies all free to roam....If I ever go back I am bringing a rubber spider and snake and some fishing line....Gonna scare the SHIT out of some tourists..The scary cats always seem to let it be known they dont like spiders n things ... I was pointing to dead leaves and saying to my friend who didnt like spiders, WOW look at that spider! and I would hear someone scream nearby...
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    If you want to see birds of prey, hit up the birds of prey sanctuary just outside of Boise, Idaho. Wicked and I don't think it cost
    anything to get into it. Maybe $10. It's called the world center for birds of prey.
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    Not worth it for "just the birds"
    But as an overall it was an alright experience, considering I hadn't been in about 20 years. Dissapointed that I never got to see the anaconda, it was chillin' in it's den.
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