I'm heading to Portland for my 3rd time this year for bike maintenance, great cafe / brewpub scenes and of course rides. I'm getting my tires, drive chain and rear wheel hub bearings changed on Fri. morning. If you want to take advantage of low prices and get your bike serviced on Fri. morning, post up by early next week so that I can tell you how to arrange it.

On Thu., 8/18, we'll meet in Blaine around 7:30. Take little bit of backroads like Chuckanut Dr., but mostly I-5 all the way to Federal Way (south of Seattle). Will stop for lunch somewhere in Seattle. Continue south, going through east of Mt. St. Helens eventually meet Columbia River at Carson. Then turn west, taking a dozen backroads, head to Portland. I bought a room in Troutdale, OR for 3 nights.

On Fri., 8/19, we'll head to a shop in Beaverton to drop my bike there for servicing. We'll go for breakfast and shopping (I can show you a good motorcycle gear store) then go for an afternoon ride once my bike gets ready.

On Sat. 8/20, leave for one day ride, depends on weather, but some of the choices are....head south, including MacKenzie Pass, or head east and do a loop including Antelope, Fossil, etc

On Sun.8/21, heading home through same route as Thu. or take backroads till Castle Rock, then via I-5.