Lockable Saddle Bags/Top Case
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Thread: Lockable Saddle Bags/Top Case

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    Lockable Saddle Bags/Top Case

    Any suggestions for a lockable storage box. I am working on the gear and I'd like to have a place to store it when I get to my destination. I'd hate to leave it at the bike and come back to empty saddle bags. I have looked into Givi but I am not sure of the looks of a single top case. Cant find any pictures of a gs500f with a topcase installed. Style is important when you're posing at the Walmart McDonalds.

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    Try www.twistedthrottle.com I have a three hard bag set up on my BlackBird. I leave the mono rack on b/c I don't look behind me and don't care if it upsets the "style" of my bike. I have luggage liners so I don't take the bags off when I travel but one can if they choose. These bags are great b/c from Twistedthrottle I have a "add more lighting" which turns the bags into brake lites, turn signals and running lights which is a great safety feature. Vern, imho, if this is your first bike, don't dump a ton of money into it b/c you might outgrow it quite quickly and find it doesn't suit you needs any longer. Good Luck

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    Go check out Big Top Powersports in Chilliwack. See Krystal or Lynette.
    They have displays out or you can order something you see in the catalog.
    Hope this helps
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    stay away from bigtop
    not only are there prices way off track they have that our shit dont stink attitude
    once they have your money the customer service is non existant

    check out motorcyclesuperstore.com or sportouring.com
    theyve got every option you can think of for luggage at damn near half the price locally

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    Imperial had good prices on Givi last time I bought, as good as cross border shopping.

    If you do want to look and see, Moto International in Seattle has great prices and a huge stock of Givi in house.

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    I'm not super-familiar with luggage availability for the GS500, but I think you're right when you say it's limited. you might want to check out the Shad luggage (made in Spain, available in the USA: not sure about Canada). their website shows plenty of excellent-looking topcases:
    and they DO provide a mounting hardware kit for the GS500:
    hard cases are rather expensive, but they provide unmatched security and weatherproofness, and you usually can move them onto your next machine by just updating the mounting kit.

    btw, just as random side-info, Givi is "gee vee" (the initials of the founder of the company), not "give-eee" (the way so many people incorrectly pronounce it...)

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