house and rental suites. one or two?
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Thread: house and rental suites. one or two?

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    house and rental suites. one or two?

    i plan on building a house next year, and im just trying to decide what to do. i am going to put a rental in the basement. just trying to decide what kind.

    it will be a walkout rancher/bungalow.

    option 1) have a two bedroom, two bathroom walk out suite

    option 2) have a two bedroom, two bathroom walk out suite and a bachelor suite

    option 3) have a three bedroom, two bathroom walk out suite

    i plan on rent being around $500 a room. so $1000 for two bedroom, $1500 for a three bedroom.

    this is going to be in a prime, beautiful area overlooking the lakes/okanagan. the suites will be partially furnished and will feature its own ac/heating etc. it will be nice, but not over the top. suites will also be legal and not some hack job.

    ideas ?
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    My rental suite in my home can be configured as either a 1BDRM & Den or a 2BDRM & Den. I have a fireproof door that partitions the suite to allow or disallow the second bedroom, with the second bedroom doubling as a rec room to the rest of my house if I desire.

    I've found it's much, much easier to rent the suite as a 2BDRM & Den at a higher price, as mostly the type of person wishing to rent a suite in someone's home is usually students. And students like to share rent to keep costs low. Renting out a 3BDRM suite runs the risk of turning the suite in to party central, once you've got more than two tenants. Or you'd be renting to families, which means screaming kids.

    In my experience 2BDRM is a happy medium.
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    if you have plenty of parking then go with 2 suits.

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    I got a property in Kelowna - I wish I'd turned it into two 2 beds before I rented it, instead of a four. (Like Tattoodles said - party central) Also got a bachelor. What the above say is true - go with the 2bed. Now if you're planning on making it a short-term vacation rental, I'd say 3bed. But for yearly long-term leases, definitely 2.

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