Article: Motorcycle accidents and you - How to reduce the amount of crash threads
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Thread: Article: Motorcycle accidents and you - How to reduce the amount of crash threads

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    I wish.

    Article: Motorcycle accidents and you - How to reduce the amount of crash threads

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    I agree fully. We can only be responsible for what we do, we can't be responsible for others. We know that cagers don't see us, we know that they do not realize, or even care, how vulnerable we are, we know that some hate our guts and we also know that some of us give them an excuse to feel that way, we know that they will likely turn in front of us or pull out in front of us, we know that some will lane change without seeing us and we know that some will do so even when they see us.

    We also know that the only realistic solution to all this is to accept what is out there and do what we can do to avoid and improve it. Get all the training we can, ride actively and defensively, scan ahead and groundview to see if they are turning, allow ourselves an extra space cushion around our bikes, wear proper gear so that we are as protected as possible when the unthinkable happens, be as visible as possible by lane domination, bright gear and maybe a headlight modulator and set of air horns. Know that you are not paranoid if the world really is out to get you and ride accordingly. Do what you can to raise cager awareness of us, help mentor new riders with safe riding techniques, make sure our bikes are up to standard mechanically, make sure that when the "tree falls in the forest" there are no teltale falling branches. An important thing to remember is that although we may be the only ones on the bike, our family and friends are waiting for us to come home after the ride. Do whatever it takes to make that happen. It's worth it. Live to ride another day.
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    Well Bison , what you have said here is all so very true indeed ,, we need to drive like we are"" invisable not invincable "",Cagers really for the most part do not understand us ,But!!!! there are a few who Cagers who will in fact, really try to hurt you or scare the sh_t out of you <<been there before !!

    What makes it worst for all riders ,is when some squids will start rippin in and out of Traffic and, with a wheelie or two to boot ,, and then the cagers really get pissed oFF and ,we all get painted with the same brush sort of speak I will tell you I have riding for over 30 years and had cagers look me right in the eyes ,then pull right put in front of me !!!

    You dam near need the reflexes of a cat to survive out in the road now a days ,, But the passion we have for riding ,drives us ahead as we have to keep a great awareness of the surrounding inviroment !! It never hurts any bike rider to check his or her machine before the days ride, for me I check leaks and air pressure and a few other thing s that are important like dead bugs on the bike he he ,,
    I like to rip a little but I try to find places that are more safe to play and practice on ,,

    The Laws on Speeding now really friggen suck , I understand to a point about excessive speed ,as some make riding make down right leatha,,,l but for myself ,I live for the corners , I live to ride and ride even harder , but anyone can crank a throttle on a straight , but for me getting in and out of a nice corner is where it is at !! even if you rip a knee puck off He he !!
    Even though i have many years in the saddle ,, I will go to a advanced riding school to upgrade my skills and would any other serious ride to do so, as knowledge is power and oh yes a hand full of throttle he he .. ride safe !!

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    Great stuff, all valid points, but....riders will still crash, doesn't matter how much training and talent. Not to put a downer on it, or deflate the fact we all need more training, that doesn't solve it, just makes it less frequent.

    Unfortunatly these words fall on deaf ears, as I'd care to venture half of all "sportbike" riders are more concerned with how they look in a window reflection than how well they ride or how well their gear holds up in a crash.

    Don't dress for the ride, dress for the crash.
    Anyone prepaired for the worst case senario is a real rider IMO.
    You fashion police, Ducatista's etc, who have the right DC color match runners and t-shirts are the problem. The knob in the leather vest and beanie, you're the problem. The idiots doing wheelies and stunting in town around watching eyes, you're the problem.

    The guy who put's 100% of the blame on the car is part of the problem as well. Not knowing where to place yourself to be seen, wearing dark clothes that camoflage yourself, and driving too fast or tailgating is their own worst ememy.

    Look long and hard in the mirror my riding bretherin, your also part of the problem. Don't tell me you're perfect either, no one is.

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