Summer prices vs. off-season prices on used bikes
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Thread: Summer prices vs. off-season prices on used bikes

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    Summer prices vs. off-season prices on used bikes

    I've always heard that the off-season is the time to buy used bikes as far as pricing goes but I see a lot of people listing their rides right now citing "must sell, going back to school" as a reason. Any direct experience out there?

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    A good deal can be found anytime of the year. What you have heard is nothing more than urban myth.
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    If your happy to give up a riding season to save 600-1000 bux some good deals can be found Dec-Feb but you better know your pricing because there are lot's of bikes overpriced then to, don't assume or you will get burned and good luck with your test rides in the rain and snow.
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    Just an urban myth. Any good deals are scooped up quickly so keep an eye out there. When you find the bike you want go for it.

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    While it's not set in stone, the facts are, that the number of good deals out there from a dealer/shop happen at the tail end of the season as they anticipate new stock coming in. Shops holding onto last years models is a big no-no.
    In the private selling world, deals can be found any time, but more good deals are found at the end of the season, and just after tax time.


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    Sometimes it is genuine that someone needs to sell due to school, job, moving. Those are few and if priced accordingly will be bought in a flash. Some of the better deals can be found if you put the word out and someone you know has a bike they would sell to you at a fair price. I mostly buy new or from dealers but have bought a few through Craigslist and Buy and sell. If you do not know a lot about bikes it may be best to buy from a good source.

    Bike show is a good time. Some good pricing, as is off season.
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