There are several riders heading out tomorrow from Vancouver to Kelowna to meet up with the Answer for Cancer Tour (PM for more details).

If you're in the Kelowna area on Saturday morning, or would like to join in on this ride en route to Vancouver, the Hope/Princeton is a gorgeous route and what a better way to ride than with a group with a cause - a good one -

Departure from Kelowna is @ 7am (from Chances Gaming, 1585 Springfield Rd) so you can predict the fuel stops (Princeton, Hope). These guys and girls with a mission have been on the road a long time, and would love to have you join in, making a statement to the end of a wonderful journey for them, and heightening the awareness level of cancer prevention.

We'll all benefit, no matter what. COME ON OUT!! Donate and sign up for a great day -

See you on the ride