Anyone painted an aluminum exhaust?
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Thread: Anyone painted an aluminum exhaust?

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    Anyone painted an aluminum exhaust?

    I just bought a leo vince slip on and I'd like to paint it black but I am unsure as to what to paint it with. High temp paint or bbq paint works for steel but my exhaust is aluminum. I can't find a high temp etching primer which I would think would be a logical start.. Any ideas?


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    Powder coating an option? It'll be pricier but they aren't too bad.
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    I've been thinking about doing the same thing. I did a bit of reading but the most basics are
    1) clean, degrease, and with 300 sandpaper,
    2) prime with high temp primer (VHT)
    3) use VHT high temp paint (Cdn Tire - $15, comes in a number of diff't colours) or BBQ paint (which usually just comes in black). Website for VHT says it works for any high temp surface (presumably including aluminum)
    4) curing - something like engine on for 30 mins, cool for 30 mins, engine on for 30, (full 3 cycles). I personally think I will prime.

    If you do go ahead, post up some pics and tell us how it went. I'll get around to mine soon :>.

    For what it's worth, youtube DIY -
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    I prep all metals with Phoshporic acid, this is what they use on aluminium boats prior to painting. If you need some you can have a bit out of my 20L pail!
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    Have done numerous high-heat applications, and
    while have heard lots of raves about VHT - tired
    it on my exhaust, and flaked off ASAP...

    Then tried the John Deere muffler paint, and that
    is much more robust (does not form a distinct
    layer, and no flaking), goes on easily, and sticks
    extremely well.

    Prep would be the same as any paint job, sand,
    for mechanical adhesion, clean and degrease. If
    you can heat the surface a bit (hair dryer) seems
    to help the initial layer bond.

    Have not used primer, and seems to matter little.

    Yet to have to re-paint, so not sure how easily it
    will come off...
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