Anyone get a letter from Terasen (Fortis) gas about meter inspections?
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Thread: Anyone get a letter from Terasen (Fortis) gas about meter inspections?

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    Anyone get a letter from Terasen (Fortis) gas about meter inspections?

    I got a letter from them (actually two) seeking an inspection of my gas meter as part of their QC of their meters. The first one I ignored and the second one is in the ignore basket as well.

    Well, my friend got the same letter and she made an appt to get on of the gas inspectors out. He said that her meter was in the wrong place and too close to the mech. room of her house and had to be relocated, and the concrete sidewalk had to be busted to relocate the gas pipes and meters.

    He later said that it was in a very dangerous situation and had to be moved right away.

    Well, okay here's the rest of the story:

    Gas guy: It's really dangerous, any accident, your house could blow up.

    Friend: Are you serious?

    Gas guy: yeah, we have to bust up the concrete to move the lines and meter. Don't worry, it's no cost to you.

    Friend; Why now?

    Gas guy: Oh we're doing a quality control check on our inventory of household gas meters. everyone is getting an inspection.

    Friend: Well, if it's so dangerous when are you guys going to come out and do it then?

    Gas guy: Well, it could be next week, could be next month, could be next year, could be six years from now. We're so busy.... (he shrugs his head and walks away back to his truck)

    Friend: What? This house is 30 years old and it was never a problem before?
    If you think it's so dangerous why do you say it could be six years!!!???

    Gas guy: (mumbles. bah, yada yada yada, blah blah blah): gotta go, too busy,

    Never heard back from Terasen.

    Just to let you know, the house is 30 years old and was essentially a custom built house. Why is it so dangerous now when it was fine for 30 years?????

    Have you guys gotten letters from Terasen (Fortis) for gas meter insections?

    I'm just worried for her, cuz she first got duped by those independent gas company door to door sales guys pretending to be fake Terasen employees asking her to sign up for a 5 year gas contract. She is now paying more than double for her gas.

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    Maybe they are thieves scouting her house using "Terasen" as a disguise.
    I would call Terasen and confirm the story.
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    They sent me a letter in June wanting to exchange my meter (Abbotsford). I made an appointment, they did it while I was at work and came back that evening to relight my furnace. Easy peasy.
    If the house passed inspection when it was built I can't see how there could be a problem now...

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