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Thread: Frame Sliders??

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    Frame Sliders??

    Just looking at getting a pair for my gixxer, dont really want to cut into the fairings. I know there are ones with brakets available, just wondering if they are still strong enough?? anyone?

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    RIPP racing makes a bracketed mount that rests on the frame and is very strong. Most others just have a plate that sticks out and could bust off.

    Sure this design my bend your frame in a serious impact.. but if you look at the gixxer frame where this RIPP slider bracket goes, you'll see that the frame is SO thick there that if you have worries about bending it you will have written the bike off anyway.

    Go see Aaron at Modern. He will sell you a pair if you sweet talk him for about $100. They are in stock as well.

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    Cut the Fairing

    The "cut fairing" are stronger. I've heard bad things about the "no cut" ones.

    That's the one I put on my Gixxer. I was up all night the day before I installed them but I'm really happy with how it turned out. It looks like orginal equipment.
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    if you are seriously against drilling your fairings, cosworth's way is definatly the way to go. But i would really consider drilling your fairings...

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