a Canadian Manufacturer of aftermarket goodies...
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Thread: a Canadian Manufacturer of aftermarket goodies...

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    a Canadian Manufacturer of aftermarket goodies...

    Saw this site when I was trolling through TLPlanet.com. Its watsendesign.com. They have some neat LED signals at very attractive prices but right now most of their products are designed for the late model gixxers. Yummy...............

    edit: linked URL for all the lazy peepo
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    Pretty trick looking stuff.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    I was over at Roger Watsens home tonight. He is a great guy and I might add (very busy.) He's supplied many sweet mods for riders here in Calgary. I'll try and get some of the guys to post up some pix!

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    Yep, I was over there too tonight.

    He cut and welded my old bike's kickstand since we lowered it for my gf. He made the links too.

    My LED signals and fender eliminator pics can been seen at http://members.shaw.ca/gix2nv under 'motorcycle'. Be sure to sign the guestbook if you have a peek.

    He does quality work!!!
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