Nazi POWs in Manitoba
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Thread: Nazi POWs in Manitoba

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    Nazi POWs in Manitoba

    I really enjoyed this article. I had no idea that the British was outsourcing their Nazi POWs to Canadian logging camps.

    Prisoners made .50 cents a day, spent their earnings on Eaton's mail order catalogues and escaped at night to go to local barn dances.

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    held a lot of POWS in the Wainwright area of Alberta as well. Heard a story about a group of officers being transported there via rail and after a couple days travel one simply asked why they were being taken in circles as no country could be this size.

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    My grandparents were from Manitoba. On the mantlepiece in the cottage was a stunning scale model of the Bluenose. Built like the actual schooner and right down to the tiniest detail, it was built by a German POW in Manitoba. Lot's of downtime for them.

    But c'mon, even for the citizens, there ain't much to do in that province.
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    one of my old rc flying buddies was a 18 y/o german pow here. after the war ended he found out that pretty much his whole known family hadn't survived the war, so he stayed in canada, has never gone back to germany and proudly proclaims canada as his true home and drives a chev

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    virtualy all German POW captured by the Allies were shipped to Canada. They were classified as being white, grey or black. White were deemed to be anti-nazi and could be used as informants and such. Grey were deemed to be neither for or againts the Nazi regime and efforts were made to turn them into Whites. For examples, they would show them the virtues of our political system compared to that of the Nazis. Black were known hard core Nazies and were, as far as possible, kept isolated from the others. but it was not unusual for a group of Black POW to convene a secret court and condem a white POW to death for treason. Sentence was usualy carried swiftly.

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