Just got this from Dave at Parts Canada. Keep your eyes open and dotn buy stolen shit.

Ladies and gents a most unfortunate incident occurred in Victoria at the Comfort Inn Hotel early last Monday morning the 15th of August. The U-Haul truck that our company rented for me to transport products for the showcase booking meetings was stolen, later to be found gutted like a fish just off the main Hwy in Sydney. There was some 15,000 worth of retail product stolen. I am going to be forwarding a list of what went missing in the hopes that some stupid criminal or criminal associate is going to try and return or exchange something at one of the shops either in the Lower Mainland or on Vancouver Island. Nick Caldwell already called me today (Friday) to relay that he received a phone call from someone today claiming to have received an Alpinestar jacket for his B-day from his mom, but the size was wrong so would they “exchange” for the bigger size. Nick said the situation sounded a little suspicious as the customer was not really willing to come into the store nor offer much information when Nick asked about the model of jacket so he could check on the XXL size he wanted to exchange for.

So it potentially appears that the “unmentionable” thieves may already by trying to find ways to move some of this product. It is a lot of pieces to move so not exactly a “stealth” like undertaking.

I am going to start searching Ebay, Craig’s list, and any Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island online sales avenues. Any assistance/information you can provide should a suspicious person call or come in trying to exchange/return with no sales receipt is greatly appreciated. I am going to speak with the Cst. from Sydney whom I dealt with on Tuesday after the truck was found and see how and if she would like to be alerted should situations start to happen.

Any questions please feel free to call or message me anytime ... cheers everyone.

Dave C @ Parts Canada – Drag Specialties Canada.