Anyone changed their own CCT??
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Thread: Anyone changed their own CCT??

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    Anyone changed their own CCT??

    My friend and I both have CBRs (a 91 F2 & 97 F3) with the bag-O-marbles-in-the-motor, CCT failure problems that everyone talks about. So we're going to go manual.

    Has anyone ever done this before on your own? How easy/difficult is it?

    Are there any specs anywhere as to the desired chain tension?

    Any info would be much appreciated..


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    I haven't done mine yet but it's a peice o' cake. It's on the right side of the block just under the cover. Two bolts and it falls into your hand. Two more and the manual version is back on. Don't need to drain oil or nuthin'. Just be sure to back off the manual adjuster before it bolts on to avoid accidentally straining the chain in case the plunger goes in too far. And a new gasket is a nice treat too. The old one would work IF it comes off without tearing but they aren't always that cooperative. It's more likely to rip on the older bike. The new one may get away with it as it won't be so sticky. These are just paper type gaskets so there's no problem in reusing it as long as the old one doesn't tear any bits out that would form an oil leak channel.

    After that adjust as per instructions and enjoy.

    I'm just waiting for my track bike CCT to bite the bullet and it's a manual one for me too.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah I changed over to a manual CCT after going through 3 of the stock ones in 6 months. On the F4i it can be a little tricky to get in there without the right tools. Adjusting can be done two ways, by measuring cam chain slack which requires a lot more disassembly(and know how), or basically by sound and feel(which can be tricky if you arent mechanically inclined). As long as you dont have too little or too much tension its ok.

    I havent had to readjust it yet, but once you can hear the chain start slapping around a little, you just need to tweek it.

    PM me if you have any specific questions on installation and setup.


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    Originally posted by
    As long as you dont have too little or too much tension its ok.
    So basically you are long as you have the perfect amount of adjustment, it's ok?

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