Indy MotoGP 2011 - Any BCSB'ers going?
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Thread: Indy MotoGP 2011 - Any BCSB'ers going?

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    Indy MotoGP 2011 - Any BCSB'ers going?

    Just wondering who's going to the Indy Motogp race?

    I'll be there, so PM me so we can meet over there.
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    I wish. Went with a group a couple of years ago. Not sure if you've been before, but ffs watch out for the cab drivers. Bunch o' retards out there. Had some 500lb driver one time who would NOT SHUT UP about his porn collection and the fact that he was re-marrying his ex-wife mostly cause she put out so well.

    Others would promise to come pick us up, and never arrive. Man, it was endless. Not nearly enough cabs around to move all the tourists. It was brutal.

    We decided to cab it so we could all get loaded and stuff, but we'd have been better off walking most of the time.

    Enjoy the trip,

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    Yes, I'll be there on Thursday. I have a pretty full agenda so not sure I'll have time for anything not already planned. You wouldn't want to meet me anyway.

    TripleTime: They do rent cars in Indianapolis, y'know. Just pay a sweet young thing to drive it for you. There are one or two in the better hotels and restaurants.
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