Quakes in the states
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Thread: Quakes in the states

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    Quakes in the states

    So I'm on the phone with a customer in Maryland

    "uhh .. I think we are having an earthquake"
    "really ? "
    "yup.. really, the building is shaking.. I'm hiding under my desk"
    "oh shit.. want to call me back later?'
    "yup.. CLICK"

    5.8 quake, probably no real damage.. but kinda funny to be on the phone while it went down.

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    I just asked my wife to phone/text her sis in Maryland.

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    Haha nice. That's pretty funny.

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    Back in 1992 I was on the phone with a guy at the World Trade Center when someone set off a fertilizer bomb in the parking garage. My contact's office was above Governor Cuomo's and he thought someone had tried to blow up the governor......little did he know that it was 55 floors further down. He gave me play by play of the shaking, the smoke, the evacuation announcements, etc. Then finally he evacuated and once he reached the street a photographer took his picture where he was all covered in soot from the smoke when he walked down the stairwell. The picture ended up on the cover of Time.
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    adds a whole new meaning to the term quaker state don't it?
    funny i thought it was pennsalvania.

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    Most everyone on here is worth a laugh or has a good insight at one time or another, even syncro.

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