Fantasy Hockey fans unite!!
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Thread: Fantasy Hockey fans unite!!

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    Fantasy Hockey fans unite!!

    I know its August, but for us hockey poolers, this is high-season.

    There's a few proper fantasy hockey sites, but if you're in my position, all the guys in the various pools figure out your Username on them, and can see all your threads about trades, player values etc....

    Anyways, just throwing it out there, that if there's any hockey pool people out there (keeper leagues, or one year leagues) maybe there's enough of us to keep a thread going and offer each other advice on trades, player values etc......

    For those who don't know about this stuff, people create hockey pools based on the various stats (usually points, but sometimes other stats too) of the players on each team. Sometimes they're just one year pools where a bunch of friends get together, draft teams like the NHL and drink a few beers.

    Others are way more involved. (ya, the wife loves it ) I'm in 3 fantasy keeper pools where we protect players from year to year, have a full constitution with rules and clauses about disputes etc.....and in these types of formats, you're much more like an NHL General Manager in that you have to draft youth early before the other GM's get those players, and then you have to manage a team through annual protections, trading deadlines, playoffs, and hope to plan your players to all score enough points to end the season on top.

    Pool #1 we play for bragging rights, and an imported beer stein which we engrave each year with the winners name and point totals.

    Pool #2 we play for money ($40/yr to play)

    Pool #3 we play for more $$ ($100/yr to play)

    I've been doing it long enough that maybe I can help your team out......but if you want a real resource, check out Like I said, I'm on there, but most of the managers in my leauges know my Username, so its hard to put up too much info and give away strategy!!

    Discuss away....

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    I have done the yahoo fantasy pools for basketball and hockey but everytime I failed to check up on it hahha

    Good luck to all who participate!!!

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    I read to fast... thought it was Fantasy Hooker fans....

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    when's the fantasy riot??
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    I do the Yahoo ones.
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