Painkiller use trend alarms BC expert:
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    Painkiller use trend alarms BC expert:

    Increasing painkiller use alarms B.C. expert
    CBC News Posted: Aug 25, 2011 5:38 PM PT

    Prescription drug addiction

    B.C. has one of the highest rates of prescription painkiller use in the country, according to new a new study led by Simon Fraser University.

    The study looked at retail pharmacies across Canada, and found there's been a 50-per-cent hike over the past decade in the number of prescriptions filled for powerful painkillers called opioids.

    What he heck do they expect - we've just had how many years under the Campbell government?
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    Another Krod cut n paste. Yawn.

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    It's true tho. There is an alarming amount of use & abuse going on.... I know more than a few people who have (legitimately in most cases) prettymuch become completely dependant on Percs & Oxys
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    I'm a big fan of ibuprofen. Take it probably 3 days a week. But the narcotic strength stuff can put you on a downward spiral

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    2008 just called. It needs it's headline back.

    But Oxy is a serious issue amongst a lot of people. Causing a lot of misery and problems to the ones that get hooked.
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    I took Oxycodone and Alprazolam in 2009 every 4 hours for 6 months prior to my lower back surgery and continued taking them for about a month after the surgery.
    I kept a journal of the effects (good and bad) for the entire time I took them. I stopped cold turkey and I can tell you it was hell for about a week.
    The most dangerous side-effect of these narcotic pain killers is that you have no idea how "high" you are. My Subaru had wings

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    Its bad! My kid just lost her good friend to Oxy. Got in a car crash, got prescribed them then couldnt stop. After my surgery I was given them like Tic Tacs...200 at a time....I know why people get is a great high!!! I wanted to go ride days after a major operation ,,,and thought I could..?? Still get pain meds but no more oxy. or Perks...

    Sometimes see posts I made during being on them and I dont remember writing them or why I said what I did???
    And Ya, You dont think your as high as you actually are.
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    I feel I am missing out here. It seems I was born without the receptors to take in narcotics or booze or even marijuana. My internist tried everything he could think of before I had cancer surgery. Turns out I cannot get high, or drunk and nothing will kill pain. Fun times. Am the perfect designated driver, though.

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    mostly due to one dude who used to work for me I think....

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