OK, so I've got a sub$6/mo subscription to the zip.ca DVD rental thingy and finally got a bike movie from my list: Story of the Triumph Bonneville

Only 60 minutes long, but super-cool...

...enough that I posted my first zip.ca review.

Nice History of a cool marque - Grendel

If you're a gear-head you *really* should view this documentary.

Produced at the beginning of the "modern era" of Triumph (once they'd established the triples as a desirable bike range and introduced the 'new' Bonnie - 2001?), it is a cool overview of the history of Triumph told through the experiences of moto historians and the old school guys who lived through the early days of the Bonnie.

Brought to you from the good folks at Duke Video - the same company that brings us the Isle of Man and other epic racing moto goodness.

The only change I would have made to this cool 60 minute feature would be a bunch of "on-board" footage from all the road-tests they did as a bonus feature.

Gorgeous bike pr0n, great stories -- a lovely homage to one of the great motorcycles.