Indpndnt Wartime Commission - 60 bn wasted ...
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Thread: Indpndnt Wartime Commission - 60 bn wasted ...

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    Indpndnt Wartime Commission - 60 bn wasted ...

    Wow - an independant wartime commisson has stated that the US has wasted up to SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, through poor/shoddy contracting award procedures and policies.

    Dang - that's $60,000,000,000.00 That's alot of cash. Wonder whose pockets it ended up lining?

    No wonder war is so popular!!

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    60 billion? that wouldn't even put a dent in their 14 trillion dollar debt
    what a total waste of money to get what, Osama Bin Laden, big fucking deal. George 'W's scape goat.
    The US has to always blame someone else for their problems which are mostly from their own stupidity and greed.
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    probably 60billion is just the 'waste' part but not the other $useful spending of the war. The total spending is probably something into the unknown abyss but there is probably something to be returned from the war like future remaining oil reserves? Secure of certain pipe and trade routes?

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