Former Canuck Pavol Demitra is among the 43 dead
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Thread: Former Canuck Pavol Demitra is among the 43 dead

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    Former Canuck Pavol Demitra is among the 43 dead

    Watching Sidney and this comes on Telly. Crap we lost alot of hockey players this year.
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    Not a good year for ex-Canuck players.

    RIP Demitra.

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    From the fantasy hockey site I read. He's pretty up to date with players around the world in various leagues. Written late last night, so info may be slightly out of date:

    Written by Dobber
    Tuesday, 06 September 2011 23:19

    Tragic Breaking News: A plane has crashed in Russia carrying the KHL team Lokomotiv - of the 37 passengers, there are three survivors. Further details are not yet known, but among the former NHLers and prospects on that team: Pavol Demitra, Karel Rachunek, Karlis Skrastins, Ruslan Salei, Josef Vasicek, Alexander Vasyunov. Chesnokov updates that the entire team was indeed on the plane, as well as four players from the youth team. Other members include Stefan Liv, Jan Marek, Daniil Sobchenko (SJ just drafted), and their head coach former defenseman Brad McCrimmon. Former NHLer Igor Korolev is among the assistant coaches for Lokomotiv. Update: Finally, a bit of a bright spot - Ruslan Salei was apparently not on board and was awaiting the team in Minsk. Also, player Alexander Galimov was a survivor of the crash. Update: Mixed reports on Salei. Galimov has succumbed to his injuries. I am hearing that Ramzi Abid, a highly-touted prospect whose road to stardom was derailed by too many injuries, was on the roster. As well - former NHLer Alexander Karpovtsev is reportedly an assistant coach. Far too soon to get an accurate story, and frankly I'm a little numb. Update: According to this, Ruslan Salei was unfortunately on this plane. Not one single piece of news that isn't absolutely tragic and horrible. Nothing.

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    i am surprised that that hasn't happened here . Losing a complete professional sports team
    in a plane crash considering how much time they spend in an airliner. i get the feeling that greyhound's business is going to improve next season. To everone on that plane and Pavel
    Demitra rest in peace.

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