If it has to be towed...Check this.
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Thread: If it has to be towed...Check this.

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    If it has to be towed...Check this.

    So...your bike breaks down,runs out of gas,flat tire or whatever.
    This guy has gone out of his way to help me.
    If you need help and you're stuck on the road or at home, give
    him a call.

    Check out his site...He's got some cool equipment.
    (If your bike goes to ICBC,ensure they use this guy)


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    nice dog

    <img src="http://towandrecovery.com/Pictures-tnr/Bikes/Hond-Cbr-Dio.jpg">

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    thats awesome.
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    Does the dog comes with tow truck or bike?

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    1L Duck Eater
    thats his new alarm system, "you have three barks to stand back or lose an arm"

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    Yup he's a pretty cool guy, he has this semi-warehouse where he stores bikes and vehicles as well. Him and his wife have both have trucks to tow bikes and he rides an R1. He was taking care of the bike I have now until I bought it recently. Its still listed on that website!

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    Blitz Wing
    That's pretty cool. It looks secure too.

    It reminds me of something I saw a few years ago when I was out riding.......How NOT to tow a bike. Around Marine & Heather while I was stopped at a red light, this flatbed truck does a left with a cruiser bike inproperly strapped to the back. The cruiser falls over on the back of the flatbed and nearly slides off the back. Damn, I felt bad for whoever owned that bike.

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    I'm not sure what I'm suppose to see that is so special on the picture ?
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    Having this thread come up with our what? 3 wrecks in the last 24 hours is kinda ironic.

    I like it though.
    I mean, how do they tow bikes now, by hanging them from a chain?

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    Any cost laid out?

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    I could have used him tonight, they put mine on the hook .
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    he towed my bike once and was an awesome guy and cute dog. It was no problem to load up the bike and no other damage than what i had already did to the poor thing. Some of the other guys in town ( other tow truck companies ) have taken his idea and wants him to build a couple for them.
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    Originally posted by darkstar
    I like it though.
    I mean, how do they tow bikes now, by hanging them from a chain?
    Any truck that just uses a hook isn't equipped to tow a bike. I'd call another one (ie ask before you get them to come out).

    Personally I use BCAA. I've been towed 4 times due to flat tires. I just tell them it's a bike and they send out the appropriate tow truck. It's been a flat deck 3 times and a regular tow truck with a motorcycle attachment the fourth time. Once it was a BIG flatdeck...kinda funny to see my little bike in the middle...but BCAA doesn't seem to care they just get whoever is closest that can tow a bike properly.
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    I'm not telling, but Atom isn't allowed near it.
    My wife crashed her scooter this weekend (fucking drunk drivers, she's alright though)..

    This guy picked up the scooter. Very cool guy, pleasant and rides as well. He refuses to tow bikes for parking tickets, etc..

    If you need a bike towed, call this guy.


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    hats off to those drivers with the right equipment. i've seen a few towed with wrong and more damage done to them than just the flat tire. a little common sense goes along way with a tow operator aswell.
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