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    Sticky Buns

    Exclamation Do Not buy this YSR80...

    untill you have compared it to the rest on the market, to appreciate what a truly great buy it is.
    Priced for a quick sale at $2700 cdn.

    What we have here is;
    A 1991 Viper Blue with Yellow graphics Yamaha YSR 80; race only"80 Stock"(but have some street parts).
    It comes with:
    Race stand
    2 sets of body work;
    one race set Carbon fiber, one fiberglass practice set PLUS a third Tail piece.
    3 sets of Race rubber
    2 sets of rims;
    One set aluminum race the other steel practice

    The bike has:
    Fox rear Shock with multi position damping clicker and external air resivoir.
    Kalimari front fork internals; Springs and spacer.
    Kalimari Aluminum Billet tripple clamp.
    Daytona Aluminum fork brace
    Adjustible position rearset.
    Adjustable position clip-ons.
    Race brake pads.

    Spare parts include:
    Yamaha service manual
    Clutch disks
    Clutch and Brake levers
    Clutch and throttle cables.
    Chains and sprockets to gear for any track
    Carb/ coils/ ignition module
    rear shock
    Basicaly enough for a major rebuild at home or at the track.

    Engine mods include:
    Boysen reeds
    Max cylander overboar alowable by rules without putting the bike into the 80 Mod class.
    cylander head has been"cleaned up"; as porting and polishing would put the bike into 80 mod and it it a 80 stock .

    To answer a fiw questions first:
    1) why am I selling it?
    to dedicate more time and energy to racing my R6
    2) Am I firm on the price?......
    As an 18 year old on Viagara
    I dont need the money so if it doesn't sell...
    3)does it run?
    Hey yah!! fresh engine rebuld(not just top end) Crank, rod, piston, wrist pin. Head work done at Mongoose.
    4) can you rent it for a race?
    Sure you can........ for $2700.00
    5) Do you have any pictures?
    Yes I just have to buy a new scanner first.
    6) will you deliver?
    yes if you live in the lower mainland.
    7)Can I come out to see it?
    8) can I ride it?
    Shure, providing you bring a sizeable downpayment, say $2700.00
    Any seriose enquiries please PM me

    Thanks for spenting you time @ Sticky Buns house-O-Bargoons.

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    Sticky Buns


    Here's a pic.

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