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    Clearercom headset


    Has anyone tried these out? I'm thinking of picking up a pair. For those who have used it whats a good 2 way radio to use? I can get a good deal on a set of Cobra FRS-110-2 radio's but am wondering if maybe there are better quality radio's out there.

    What do you guys think?


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    Dude I just picked up a set the other day, they're pretty damn cool actually. I got to upgrade my radios though to ones that have a vox function on it. My radios do have Vox sorta the only problem is u r transmitting all the time. Vox is supposed to be operated by your voice, mine isnt. I tried them out last night and was very impressed with how well you could hear each other being on the bike and all

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    Any recommendations on a good radio to get?

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    hey bud
    pm cyber pinky
    the both of us just bought some kick ass frs radios with those clearcom headsets
    they work GREAT and there comfortable
    good luk

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    I just won a headset. will be testing it out today. I've heard good things so far.

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    Blitz Wing
    Bought mine today, seems to work good. Works with the VOX on my FRS pretty good, my other headset (Jabra) took like a second before the VOX kicked in. The throat mic seemed to kick in almost instantly. Strange.....I figured the VOX deley would be dependant on my FRS and not the headset. The earphone is pretty good too, nice loud clear sound. Semmed to work better when I put the earphone in the Jabra ear-gel thing.

    As for a real test though, I've still got to field test the thing on a bike....but it looks very promising so far.

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    I am thinking of buying 2 pairs of these, the question I can't seem to answer is if my Cobra FRS 220 radios have VOX or not, I checked the pdf manual for it, and it didn't really say for sure.

    I plugged in my XBOX 2.5mm headset (well it didn't totally fit) to my radio and it was transmitting all the time, but it wasn't the same connector. (mono verses stereo(xbox))

    Can anyone tell me if These headsets would work well using the Cobra 220 radios, I bought these radios at Costco's

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    I have organized a group buy on Motorola T5410 FRS radio's, they are the same one that ClearCom tested their headsets with. Pm me or email me for more information

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