How much do you think ICBC will screw me? (*UPDATED*)

View Poll Results: How much do you thin ICBC will screw me?

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  • 10%-20% at fault - Just because they can

    12 14.29%
  • 30% at fault - Well, you know he had to be doin something

    3 3.57%
  • 40% at fault - Bend over baby, here it comes

    1 1.19%
  • 50% at fault - How could he not be equally responsable

    7 8.33%
  • 60% at fault - No doubt, the majority of the fault is his because he rides a bike

    0 0%
  • 70% at fault - everyone knows Minivans are always innocent and bikes aren't

    1 1.19%
  • 80% at fault - Lets give it too him a little more

    0 0%
  • 90% at fault - I'm sure he can take another inch

    0 0%
  • 100% at fault - Its always the bikers fault, no question

    10 11.90%
  • ICBC will do the right thing and deem it a no fault accident for atom

    50 59.52%
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Thread: How much do you think ICBC will screw me? (*UPDATED*)

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    How much do you think ICBC will screw me?

    I'm travelling westbound on 98A Ave in Surrey from King George towards 132nd St. I'm travelling at about 50kph and with about 30 ft in front of me a minivan parked on the side of the road pointing in the same direction decides to make a u-turn. (Note that he was parked with tires off the road and on the grass and there wet tire marks in the driveway that he drove over while starting his turn.) I get on the binders and thats comes the rear quarter panel and my eyes get huge now. I get harder on the brakes and thats it, down she goes. I go down without touching the minivan at all.

    The driver of the minivan admits that he made a u-turn from a parked position. Its included in the police statement.

    Damages to my bike:

    Front fairing and support/brace is busted, tail is trashed, subframe is tweaked by 3 inches, left side peg is busted, mirror was caved, bar end, taosty, battery cover was busted, clutch cover is scratched to hell, marked left side fairing (frame sliders saved most of it), frame sliders took the impact so the engine mounts could be screwed....ect.

    Injuries to me:

    smashed my knee and its the size of a football, drove my shoulder into the ground and I think its partially seperated, headaches from a helmet being driven into the cement.

    What do you guys think is gonna happen with ICBC?
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    Shitty deal bro. Freakin mini vans! As long as the police statement concurs with your recount then you'll be alright. U turns are bad! ICBC knows that. I think you'll be fine. Good luck in any case man.


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    I'm really hoping for 0% screwage for your sake man. And that his how it SHOULD be. He turned infront of you. With my pesimistic reality, I think they might stick you with 10%. They better not though!!!

    Wish you luck man!
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    wont it be 100% your fault? there was no collision, no contact..
    when a friends bike went in the ditch they didnt cover him because they couldnt find actual evidence(on the bike) that it struck a dog, even though he told the adjuster that the dog smoked his leg, then ran away.

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    Sorry to hear about that Adam....
    I do hope you don't get screwed....
    Get well buddy....
    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

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    ...actually, if he admitted it in the police statement that he was pulling a U-turn, then it can be used as evidence against him. I believe that you are fully liable for causing an accident when pulling a U-turn (it happened to my friend - his fault ). You should check up on this Adam. In my friend's case, he was making a U-turn on a sidestreet when he hit a car that was trying to skim past him. ICBC says 100% his fault because of the U-turn, even though the other bastard could have waited a few seconds and stop instead of trying to squeeze through.
    edit: ps-my friend did not back into him
    Ass, Gas, or Grass. Nobody rides for free.

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    Don't go to work,go see your doctor NOW,they always ask why you didnt go to see a doctor right away if it hurted soo bad...Then tell your doc you need to go see a shrink,a bone stretcher,a specialist etc.You will probably get lost wages,emotional trauma, pain and suffering etc etc.Oh yeah,ask for lots of meds(even if you don't really need it,give me some,lol). Tell the shrink that you were gonna be the next banana Hayden and NOW,you cant even look at another motorcycle.Can you cry on command Adam? Tell them when you get your settlement,you want cash and not another bike,cause it gives you nightmares...And dont forget to cry again...Remember bro when that fuckin drunk driver ripped me apart?ICBC wont be fair,their motto is we save you money,but at what cost.....OURS

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    Atom, he totally is at fault. He broke the law TWICE by failing to yield first of all and then performing the U turn from the parked position second. He could probably be charged with undue care as well but I don't think they give these out for just any old brain dead act these days or half of the lower mainland would need to be charged and cops hate paper work as much as they like small round bakery confections.

    If they even SUGGEST otherwise then start talking "lawyer".

    Ya know, for all that we all like to bad mouth ICBC they did right by me when I had my oopsie on that little patch of gravel. Very cut and dry and business like. I went in looking expecting a fight and was amazed at how pleasent they were. But I've heard too many horror tales to think they are all saints.
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    In dealing with our fleet of trucks here at work, I've come across a similar scenario.

    Our driver was attempting to park his vehicle into a space on the right side curb by going in front first. With his vehicle half into the spot, he quickly realized that it was too short to go in front first and decided to accelerate out, pull even with the parked car in front, and back-in into the space as one would normally. This caused a chain reaction collision with a couple of vehicles following behind.

    Our driver was deemed to be 100% the cause of an accident, even though there was no contact with his vehicle.

    From your description, I would expect ICBC to conclude that the driver made a u-turn when it was not safe to do so, didn't shoulder check, etc. Do you recall if the driver even signaled before the turn?

    Hopefully, everything works in your favour Adam!

    Good luck!

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    Glad to hear you’re ok Adam. To address what rollin said, it is a good idea to see your doctors, as you said you are, and make sure you continue to see them while you have any ailments. But I wouldn’t suggest you bullshit about mental stress and all that other stuff, unless it really is affecting you, because with insurance, it is so easy for them to get surveillance done, or I believe they have the right to send you to an independent medical examination. I’m currently working in disability insurance, and can give you insight into what they look for when assessing that stuff, but with the damage to the bike and who’s at fault… that’s not quite up my alley.

    The best attitude to portray is one that seems like “you didn’t want any of this to happen, and want things to get back to the way they were before” rather than “I’m gonna ride out this insurance payout” because they’ll look more carefully, and not give you the benefit of the doubt.

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    Pray for an adjuster that is a real person.
    A client of mine just had a really nice experience with ICBC when he was cut off and dropped his bike. He had $3800 damage and they repaired everything to a tee, even replaced a leather saddlebag (cruiser) that had a little tiny scratch on it and cut him a cheque for $5000 for pain and suffering. He had a hand injury that needed some pyshio and he went to the chiro and massge therapist a few times. Says he feels better now than before his accident.
    I was shocked when he was telling me this story, maybe ICBC has a heart. Go figure

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    2003 Honda VFR800 sorry about the accident. All the best to you and hope you recover well, soon. If driver has admited to fault then thats your case, fight it!

    Glad u'r OK!


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    Nooooo! THat sucks mang!

    Not the new G1k!

    Get an injury lawyer. They don't charge ya unless you get paid and they will be able to get you the most money from ICBC. Don't let those bastages try to screw you on this.

    Get that lawyer ASAP so they can guide you through this. Better to have one and not need them to not have one when you need them right?

    Get better quick mang! We gotta do the loop ride still!
    Groovy baby

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    As an example Adam a buddy of mine had something similar happen only it was a girl running a stop sign. He was cruising down the street and a young girl being taught to drive by her mother ran a stop sign, my buddy did the same as you, hard on the brakes and went down without actually contacting the vehicle. They found the driver 100% at fault and his bike was replaced and all damages incurred covered. Good luck man!

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