Italy's S & P Debt rating cut ...
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Thread: Italy's S & P Debt rating cut ...

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    Italy's S & P Debt rating cut ...

    Italy has debt rating cut by S&P

    Italy's credit rating is cut by Standard and Poor's, but Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says the move is based on "political considerations

    "political considerations" ... wonder if that means because of his revolving door, hooker attended 'booga booga' parties?

    On the more serious side - I wonder how all this will affect Ducati, Ferrari and gp racing budgets?

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    It means Italy is now going to get the cazzo 'o culo like Greece did.

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    There's a lot of chinese salivating over weekend trips to their timeshare in rome to troll for hot italian pussy!!

    When did THAT happen!!

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