2004 Suzuki GS500F for sale. Price drop! Need to sell bike..$2900 takes it!

-25,xxx kms
-Recent maintainance: Carbs cleaned and tuned, valves adjusted, new spark plugs 3000 kms ago (receipts available). Oil/Transmission change 1000 kms ago.
-Tires: 70% front, 40% rear tread remaining.
-Brakes: 60% front, 100% rear pad remaining (brand new).
-Chain and sprocket are in good shape.

This bike is in great condition, no accidents, and very well maintained. This is a great bike for a new learner, city rider, and has enough go for an experienced rider.
This GS500F comes with fairings which greatly help stability at highway speeds...as well as look better.
I'm looking to buy a sport touring bike better for long trips.

Photos available on craigslist:

Call for more info 778-549-6545.

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