thanks for the universal warning
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Thread: thanks for the universal warning

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    no wheels for now

    thanks for the universal warning

    about police ahead on hwy 1 eastbound of horseshoe bay early Saturday morning! multiple helmet tappers, left hands down down down..... and I was on a Can Am Spyder! much appreciated if you are on here. Was good riding the S2S early - not too much traffic, patches of fog and a few wet patches on the road north of Squamish.

    Thank you

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    That's the way to do it. Piggies = 0, Riders = 1.
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    did that yesterday morning for a rider heading west on Marine. Thankfully he figured out my wave down as not just a wave. I saw his brake lights come on after he went by.
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    Nice! I didnt know riders warned anyone with more than 2 wheels

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    Pay it forward.

    Been warned by all types - warned all types

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    yup, keep it going..

    when i've got the radar detect.. along a stretch of highway... no matter how close the signal seems to be..
    wave a warning to all riders in the vicinity... some times even the cagers.. lol

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