Frame Sliders from bike to bike
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Thread: Frame Sliders from bike to bike

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    Frame Sliders - differences from bike to bike

    Im a newb and just got my first bike.. and have YET to lay it down. though i know its inevidable!! So i figure frame sliders is the way to go.

    Ive been reading tons about them (gotta love having a computer job!) and have yet to come across anything that makes me understand WHY certain sliders only work with certain bikes.

    What is the difference between products? Obviously the bolts would be different between manufacturers.. (but between years of the same model?) but what else?

    I have a 97 F3, will sliders for an F4 work??

    The reason i ask is because i can get them on ebay dirt cheap, and then go buy the proper bolts if necessary.

    Also, can anyone tell me if the carbon fiber ones are as good???
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    its probably more of the mount than the slider that affects what bikes it will work on. dif bolt sizes etc

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    I wouldn't mess around with trying to get sliders for a different bike onto yours. Just buy the right ones to save the hassle. Check out They should have them for your bike with the bolts necessary. I haven't recieved the speediest service from them though so be patient if you choose to check them out. One thing to remember about stuff like that on ebay is that it's mostly sold by businesses so just email them or check out their website to see if they have ones specific for your bike.

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