Braking rev range question.
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Thread: Braking rev range question.

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    Braking rev range question.

    Aight, so I tried to make the subject as descriptive as possible, so here's the question.

    When I'm coming to an intersection gradually (red light far away) I use mostly engine braking and just a little bit of front or rear brake to make sure i'm always in gear.

    Now as I slowdown and downshift, I naturally rev match (or try my best), now the question is, what is a good RPM to downshift at? 4k, 5, 6, 7?

    Also, every time I go down a gear the revs go up about 1.5k - 2k. So if I was at 5 it'll jump to about 6.5 - 7. I've yet to find a place where when I shift the bike doesn't suddenly lurch as the engine braking force suddenly increases compared to previous gear. I usually apply a bit more brake when the engine is disengaged to help slow down the bike at the same rate.... but it's still not as linear of a slowing force as I would like.

    Anyone has any ideas on this? And does what I wrote even make sense?

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    A simple rule of thumb is,
    low speed = low rpm,
    higher speed = higher rpm
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    And go easier with the clutch. Releasing the clutch more smoothly, will (somewhat) lessen the lurching. Also, try slowing down a little more in each gear before down shifting, so the bike is in a more optimal RPM range. Every bike is different, so you will just have to practice to find it.

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    ya, I guess it depends on your motorcycle.
    my bike (R6) redlines at 14.5k rpm. so if even if I'm downshifting at high rpms like 10k I know it's fine.
    Look up youtube video's of downshifting and blipping the throttle, as you yawn out the clutch, helps rev the motor to prevent your back tire locking up when you engage the gear.
    When you get real good you can do this while holding your front brake down, so you can brake hard and downshift while blipping to help with better engine braking as you decent speed.
    have fun, practice on a very long, very empty road.

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